An urban mystic, pining for conifers in a jungle of concrete and steel.


I’m just another nerd who loves the outdoors.


I hack on just about everything from designing hardware with HDL, writing close-to-the-metal code with Rust, forging applied cryptography libraries and tools, securing all the things with SELinux :muscle:, automating configuration management with Puppet and Ansible, and just about a million other things.

My GitHub account serves as a pretty good ledger of all of the strange things that I work on.


I do contract and consult out to companies for work in all of the aforementioned capacities and then some:

  • Automation - configuration management with Puppet, Ansible, and more.
  • Containers - Docker and otherwise.
  • Cryptography - designing and auditing applied cryptosystems.
  • Security - application security, network security, operating system security, etc.
  • Programming - competent writing in the following languages and stacks:
    • Assembly
    • Bash
    • C
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Scala
    • Ruby
    • Rust

If your company needs consulting or contracting on automation, security, cryptography, or just general software design, please DM me on Twitter. Alternatively, my PGP key can be found on Keybase, and I can be contacted via the email addresses on my PGP key.