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Rust: The Hard Parts - Part One

Rust has a perception of being a very difficult language to learn. I had a similar experience, but just as I was told, there is a point where things start to get a lot easier. This post aims to describe the hard parts that I had to get through in order to start being productive with Rust in the belief that this may help others get over the hill to that sweet spot of infinite bliss and productivity.

"Nothing's ever easy, is it?"

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Getting IAM Right


IAM is Amazon’s primary access control system for managing permissions to access AWS APIs. It’s extremely flexible, but also has the distinct property of giving one enough rope with which to hang oneself. It’s hard to get right, easy to get wrong, but there are a good set of guidelines that can be used to make it manageable and reusable.

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Deriving Traits in Rust with Procedural Macros

Procedural macros in Rust are a really compelling feature that I didn’t understand until recently. There are a few gotchas, but they make it super easy to implement custom #[derive()] expansions for implementing traits with a single line of code. Let’s dive in.

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A New Year in 2019

So 2019 is totally happening.

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dnsmasq Everywhere

dnsmasq is one of those pieces of software that you might not be familiar with. Personally, on all new deployments for employers or customers, I advocate for dnsmasqing all the things.


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