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Integrating systemctl --user and your Graphical Session

For those of us nerds who have been running Linux on the desktop for years now, the addition of systemd in recent releases has opened up some interesting user service management solutions. While not often discussed, systemctl --user is a per-user systemd service management system which sports most if not all of the features of the parent PID 1 systemd.

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2017Q4HW: Desktop Monitor Roundup

It’s Q4 of 2017 and I’m in the market for new hardware. I’ve been wanting new monitors for my desktop for some time now, so I thought I’d provide my process and my findings for what’s important for modern desktop monitors.

Displays are something that will likely outlast multiple PC builds, so it’s important to choose displays that will last as long as possible, taking into account features you’d like to retain for the next 5-10 years. We’ll now discuss the various facets of choosing the right monitor.

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Blue/Green Deployments with Route 53

Blue-green deployments with Route 53 involve transferring traffic from one endpoint to another using weighted DNS records. We can automate this relatively easily via the AWS CLI and jq, though there are a few things that are left to be desired: the syntax is quite verbose for updating DNS records.

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systemd Sucks, Long Live systemd

systemd seems to be a dividing force in the Linux community. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground to systemd, polarizing opinions suggest that you must either love it or want to kill it with fire. I aim to provide a middle ground. First, let’s discuss the awful things about systemd.

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PSA: Don't Break Public APIs

The date is December 1st, 2016. Amazon announces an interesting new feature for CloudFront allowing running Lambda functions at CloudFront edge locations. This is a powerful addition to the AWS arsenal for running code in locations geographically closest to users. This feature is a “preview” feature, and it’s opt-in only.

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